Companies that successfully engage their customers realise 63% lower customer attrition, 55% higher share of wallet, and 50% higher productivity.
- Forrester’s customer index

Interact DX, an advanced customer communication product suite to engage and keep your customers for life.

What is customer communication management?

Traditionally the creation, delivery, and administration of customer communication have been limited to back-office operations within enterprises. However, over the past decade, the role of Digital Customer Communication has been elevated as a core component to help enterprises compete on delivering better customer experiences. In the past customer communication was limited to print but today multi-channel digital marketing (email, web, mobile) delivery and presentation of correspondence now factor into consumer buying choices. Customers want to be communicated with, in their channel(s) of preference.

Our customer communication management hub is a highly customisable solution which enables business users to create, edit, and manage content, instead of relying on their IT department to make changes. Interact DX takes care of business correspondence needs with advanced features such as multiple tab system, clickable links, interactive graphs, search, sort/filter options, drill down within table/grid control, etc. Moreover, all these interactive features are available in offline mode, making it more convenient for customer engagement. It's integration capabilities enable account consolidation into a single view, eliminating multiple communications and improves customer communication.

Personalised communications with Interact DX

How do we help?

  • Improving service quality and increase revenues by reaching out to customers via their preferred channel or preferred language.
  • Increase speed to market for existing and new products/services, so no need to wait for the monthly cycle to send out new communication.
  • Targeted Personalised cross-sell and up-sell banner ads, real-time alerts on statements/bills which are relevant to individual customers.
  • Consistent “look and feel” across channels with centralised design and formatting of all communication templates.
  • Reducing operational cost as switch to online, by reducing call center dependency, by consolidation of statements together.

For over a decade, Trejhara’s Interact DX, industry’s most advanced and operationally efficient customer communication management solution
has delivered 240 million interactive communications for leading telecom providers and banking players

35% cost reduction
in print, postage
& delivery

30% cost reduction
in back office

50% reduction in
turn-around time to
resolve customer queries

We deliver over
100 million customer
communications per month

Increase sales by
up to 20% with
cross-sell and up-sell

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