Returnables Asset Management

Returnable Supply Chain

Millions of returnable transport items (RTIs) such as Throughout the supply chain – from manufacturers containers, bins, pallets, racks and kegs are moving through the distributors, storage firms to retailers and point of sale global supply chain, offering the most fundamental mechanism returnable containers and other reusable logistic assets are by which the pieces, materials & finished goods reach their extensively used for the effectiveness of delivering goods and destination. In the end businesses are investing more money on parts to desired destinations without the waste generated by buying and handling supplementary logistic assets. single containers Companies are increasingly searching for ways to improve, Returnable assets are not only viewed as green but also a smart increased sustainability, productivity and protection in their long-term investment in contrast to single-use assets delivery processes, while reducing costs and inefficiencies.

Key Features:


  • Handling multiple returnable scenarios like :
    - Asset Hiring
    - Replenishment
    - Free Stock Transfer
    - Buffer & De-hire Stock Utilization
  • Handling full returnable OTC cycle
  • Auto-allocation of multiple SOP’s workflow
  • Handling asset with no ID or lost IDs during movement Templatization of workflows, strategies and other setups
  • Function to do Reconciliation such as: - De-hiring
    - Extended hire
    - Asset repositioning
    - Buffer stock
    - Ownership transfer
  • Integration layer to handle with SAP and 3rd Party systems


  • Manage local & global contracts (Revenue and Cost)
  • Ability to define different contract types like:
    - Trip
    - Progressive
    - Periodic
    - Spot and Long term…
  • Define customer wise billing cycle
  • Functionality to bulk update the contracts with new rates

Lease and Billing

  • Handling multiple billing models
    - Delivery based Billing
    - Second leg billing
    - Rehire
    - Extended Hire
    - Damage
    - Ownership Transfer etc
  • Auto schedule/cycle based & Event based billing
    - Delivery based lease
    - Movement based lease
    - Lease transfer
  • Damage billing report with asset pictures for customers

Inventory Management

  • Manage Inventory at depot which includes :
    - Location management
    - Scanning
    - Inter-warehouse transfer etc
    - Asset status
  • Managing asset stocks across physical and virtual locations
  • Managing depot/warehouse tasks and resource allocation
  • Centralized Inventory data
  • Well defined QC & Grading process based on SOP
  • Asset validation while movement
  • Stock Disposal and Stock Injection
  • Cycle count / Stock-takes by schedule or manual
  • Kitting/De-Kitting operations based on BOM
  • Auto put-away and picking suggestions based on strategies


  • Mobility enabled warehouse operations
  • Mobile solution for customer location
  • Supports RF, Bluetooth scanners
  • Scanning configuration template
  • Enable Offline-Online operations
  • E-Activity & E-POD updates

Discrepancy Handling

  • Managing Multiple Asset Discrepancies like:
    - Asset found in other depot
    - Asset found in other location
    - Asset with no ID etc…
  • Managing Multiple Lease Discrepancies like:
    - Insufficient quantity
    - Lease start date is less then de-hire date
    - No Hired Lease at de-hire location etc…


  • Real time Milestone tracking
  • Tracking real time inventory across various party location
  • Global view of asset inventory

Key Benefits:

  • Reduction of operational lead time
  • Managing Alert and Exception
  • Paperless end to end operations
  • Seamless integration with external systems
  • Accuracy of information and Invoicing
  • Maintain asset status (Inspection, cleaning & grading etc...)
  • Maintain damage asset inventory
  • Improvement in operation efficiency
  • Reduce Queue & Improved TAT
  • Real time view of global asset library

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