Responsive Warehouse Management

Responsive Warehouse Management

In order to address the needs of warehouse facilities, support operations of integrated LSPs and independent warehouse operators, Trejhara has created an integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) which comprises various modules that can be independently deployed.

The primary purpose of a WMS is to control the movement and storage of materials within an operation as well as to process them for transactions, picking, replenishment and putaway. Trejhara’s WMS offers functionalities that manage simple and specialized warehouses.

It helps ensure fast, accurate fulfillment through directed workflow. The system executes processes such as receiving inbound transaction, put-away/flow-through and inventory management apart from internal processing like cycle count, internal transfers, changing goods’ status, pickup for outbound loading & shipping, statistical & management reports, quotation & billing, and customer tracking for visibility & search functionalities.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete end-to-end solution for managing warehouse operations
  • Configurable workflow & strategies based on SOP & customer
  • Maximize productivity and eliminate redundant processes
  • Achieve 100% inventory accuracy, visibility and traceability
  • Easy to onboard new warehouses and customers using templatized processes
  • Tailor-make the processes based on customer requirements
  • Ability to handle different types of warehouses, ex DC, hub, vendor premises etc.
  • Ability to manage bonded and non-bonded goods
  • Mobility enabled transactions to reduce the operational lead-time
  • Improved error handling and exceptions
  • Flexible quotation preparations for storage billing based on monthly, weekly, daily or periodic cycles
  • Flexible charging on different charge base, storage type, product type, and billing type
  • Managed end-to-end operations with Order Management & Transportation module
  • Secured access rights based control
  • Completely web based with 24x7 availability, data backup and secured hosting
  • Available on Cloud/On-Premise model
  • Ability to connect with customers, vendor ERP, financial systems

Key Features:


  • 2D graphical warehouse location setup
  • Templatize the workflows, strategies and other setups based on warehouses & customers
  • SKU profiling
  • Define client reservation
  • Define flexible warehouse location types
  • Warehouse operation reports
  • Manage cartonisation, palletisation, LPN’s
  • Multilingual support


  • Unloading of cargo
  • Ability to manage Inbound cargo
  • Blindly
  • Opposite to advance shipment notice
  • Opposite to purchase order
  • Returns
  • Auto-allocation of workflow based on warehouse & customer SOP
  • Ability to override workflow for the specific shipment on last minute due to customer requirements
  • Ability to receive by Bill Of Material (BOM)
  • Configure authorization workflows for managing tolerance limits for damage/excess/short cargo to be received
  • Auto generation of Lot No based on batch, shipper, manufacturing date and expiry date
  • Ability to perform partial and full GRN confirmation
  • Putaway suggestion of location based on the strategy
  • Managing exceptions in-case of order discrepancies

Contract & Billing

  • Manage customer contracts for storage and handling activities
  • Manage global contracts
  • Define billing cycle for customers
  • Ability to perform event based & scheduled billing


  • Perform all warehouse operations by barcode scanner
  • Supports RF, Bluetooth scanners
  • Centralized configuration template
  • Support directed tasks
  • Ability to bulk update task level scanned items in-case of no Wi-Fi signals
  • Paperless operations


  • Ability to manage Outbound of cargo
  • Opposite to sales order
  • Opposite to purchase order
  • Returns
  • Auto-allocation of workflow based on warehouse & customer SOP
  • Ability to override workflow for the specific shipment on last minute due to customer requirements
  • Auto release the ATP inventory based on strategies defined
  • Suggest Locations to pick based on strategies. Example FEFO, FEFO, LIFO, highest order pick, lowest order pick, shelf life etc.
  • Managing exceptions in-case of order discrepancies.
  • Manage dispatch for one or multiple DO’s
  • Aggregate the dispatch by Vehicle/Consignee/Dock task management
  • Control tower for the warehouse manager to view and manage tasks
  • Handle one of multiple resources to manage tasks
  • Ability to perform manual operation without task management
  • Track activities of resources
  • Ability to manage tasks for complete warehouse operations

Other Warehouse Operations

  • Inventory management
  • Label configuration and printing
  • Kitting/De-Kitting operations
  • Managing crossdocks (planned & opportunistic)
  • Manage replenishments
  • Perform cycle counts (manually & by schedule)

Productivity Tools

  • Excel uploads
  • SCMProFit standard integration framework to manage PO, advance shipment notice, sales order, goods receipt note, delivery order
  • Exception & alerts management tools

Case Studies

A leading industrial supply chain solutions provider leverages Trejhara’s SCMProFit to improve visibility, enhance SLAs, and delight customers with e-booking protal

Leading logistics firm streamlines operations and delivers superior customer experience with Trejhara’s SCMProFit

SCMProFit streamlines order management, warehouse and freight operations for a leading Logistics provider

A leading global logistics service provider streamlines end to end freight and warehouse operations to enhance customer service and enterprise-wide visibility

SCMProFit improves business delivery and accuracy for an established Pharma Logistics provider

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