Stock, Deliver & Track Your Vaccine Supply Chain

Stock, Deliver & Track Your Vaccine Supply Chain

Making human vaccines available on a global scale requires the use of complex production methods, meticulous quality control and reliable distribution channels that ensure the products are potent and effective at their point of use. This will help to reduce the morbidity and mortality that may be caused by outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases. It is very important to make vaccines available across the supply chain on time with minimum wastage and higher utilization for controlling the spread of the disease.

A robust vaccine distribution platform allows to improve their performance and a mandate to provide the required vaccines in the right VVM conditions, at the right time and right place which helps in service delivery strategies across expanding target population

The growth in complexity of immunization programmes is driving a need for innovative supply chain strategies and technology. Such process should consist efficient strategy and a powerful Vaccine Distribution System that would smoothen the supply chain.

Key Features

  • Order Creation (Manual / Excel upload/ Integration)
  • Complete Inbound / Outbound operations
  • Batch Control on batch no, expiry and VVM stages to ensure correct vaccines are distributed
  • Progressive Inventory Planning to ensure Vaccines are distributed on priority
  • Delivery Planning of Outbound orders based on location and priority
  • Mobile based inventory & distribution management
  • Managing status at Pick up location and Last mile Delivery
  • Managing cycle count of Vaccines
  • Management of Re-Order level & Safety stock
  • Temperature Monitoring of Storage locations
  • Exception and Alert Management
  • Configurable SOP’s
  • End To End Visibility
  • KPI dashboards
  • 100% Web-based solution
  • Integration framework to connect with 3rd party solutions

Key Benefits

  • Efficient Inbound process with right information to streamline subsequent processes
  • Auto allocation of storage location based on the Vaccine properties
  • Inventory accuracy at Hub, Regional/ District and Health Facility
  • Auto adjustment of Min/Max Level across facilities based on ABC analysis
  • Efficient Inventory Allocation, Fill rates and Rationing based on availability
  • Efficient Outbound process to ensure correct order fulfilment
  • Enable Order accuracy
  • Digitized inventory log management to maintain 100% accuracy
  • Reduce wastage of Vaccines
  • Track proper utilization of Vaccines
  • Automated Vaccine Utilization reports
  • Increase productivity with mobile based operations
  • Improved Error, Alerts and Exception handling
  • Secured access control

Case Studies

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