SCMProFit for Freight Forwarding

SCMProFit for Freight Forwarding

Trejhara's SCMProFit offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for freight forwarders to manage a complete end-to-end execution from booking to billing. The solution caters to all modes of shipments that includes ocean, air, land shipment, and handles other multi-modal shipments across the globe.

The solution is integrated with warehouse management and order management modules to enhance the scope of end-to-endoperations. The solution also helps to derive the profitability at shipment, customer, and business unit level. Visibility and dashboards helps to monitor and ensure the service levels are on time.

Key Benefits:

  • Manage complete end-to-end freight operations
  • Minimizing data entry by 70%
  • Maximize productivity and eliminate redundant processes
  • Powerful exception management
  • Role-based approach
  • Tighter control on P&L and margins
  • Templatization of standard industry best practices
  • Standard integration platform
  • Documentation errors reduced by 90%
  • Tailor-made process as per the requirements of customer’s customer

Key Features:

  • Handle export, import, and local shipments
  • Ability to handle ocean, air, land, and multi-modal shipments
  • Define one or multiple services against the same booking
  • Ability to execute the shipment by self or third-party agent
  • Role-based control cockpit welcome screen to manage to do’s, alerts, and exceptions
  • Activities and sub-activities as a process, milestone or a shipment window
  • Ability to split and merge bookings
  • Ability to console multiple bookings
  • Single control window to manage end-to-end operations
  • Handle buyers and vendor console
  • Scan documents and upload against the shipments
  • Capture communications with the internal and external "against the" shipment for future references
  • Configure required supporting documents based on the SOP
  • Ability to create direct, back-to-back console shipments
  • Maintain stock for Master AWB for airlines
  • Ability to configure customized Waybill numbers for house shipments
  • Integrated with warehouse management and order management module for end-to-end operations
  • Connected to ocean carriers via INTTRA
  • Connected to Airlines for e-AWB via Win Network
  • End-to-end visibility of the shipments from origin to destination
  • 4-Dimensional tracking
  • Shipment Level
  • Product Level
  • Package Level
  • Vehicle/Container/ULD Level
  • Track elapsed time of the shipment for tighter control of the shipment
  • Define owner and execution office for proper billing management
  • Ability to manage origin and destination operations in a single booking
  • Ability to define multiple templates for the documents
  • Ability to share shipment documents between offices against the same shipment

Productivity Tools:

  • Define service templates based on trade lanes and services as a part of standard operating procedure
  • Configure actionable activities
  • Define user defined exceptions
  • Define templates for new business units/offices
  • Excel uploads for the bookings and transactions
  • SCMProFit standard integration framework to manage PO, booking, shipment status, AR/AP

Billing & Contract:

  • Manage spot contracts, long-term contracts, and standard tariff of the service provider
  • Manage spot contracts, long-term contracts, and standard tariff of the customer
  • Manage multiple versions of the contracts
  • Pre-alerts for the contracts going to expire
  • Manage global contracts
  • Generate shipment invoices based on contract
  • Configure different levels of authorization workflow based on amount
  • Push invoice information to financial systems
  • Inter-office billing

Value Proposition:

  • Leverage Trejhara’s domain and product expertise and cross-industry experience
  • Best practices of top solution partners and industry consultants
  • Structured OPEX Model
  • Future-proof solutions from technology "changes"
  • Faster onboarding of new customers and business units

Case Studies

A leading industrial supply chain solutions provider leverages Trejhara’s SCMProFit to improve visibility, enhance SLAs, and delight customers with e-booking protal

Leading logistics firm streamlines operations and delivers superior customer experience with Trejhara’s SCMProFit

SCMProFit streamlines order management, warehouse and freight operations for a leading Logistics provider

A leading global logistics service provider streamlines end to end freight and warehouse operations to enhance customer service and enterprise-wide visibility

SCMProFit improves business delivery and accuracy for an established Pharma Logistics provider

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